Autoblow 2 Male Masturbator

The new Autoblow Version 2 has finally arrived!!

The first Autoblow was the most sensational new male masturbator to hit the market for years – the world’s first autobmatic blowjob machine! The new Autoblow 2 is a significant improvement and is arguably the best male masturbator in the world bar none. Even more realistic, with a tighter and smoother sucking experience that really does accurately mimic the sensation of a real blowjob. The Autoblow 2 has also been made more durable and easier to clean. This Autoblow will last you for years and years. Guarentee yourself a blowjob every day with the amaznig new Autoblow 2 masturbator!

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Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator for Men

sqweelSqweel XT ($74)

The Sqweel is one of the most talked about new masturbators for men for quite some time. Produced by LoveHoney, the Sqweel is an male oral sex simulator that consists of a rotating circle of soft tongues that ‘lick’ your shaft and penis head, with the speed and even patterns fully controllable by you. The ‘Turbo Tongue Wheels’ are also interchangeable giving you the option of being licked by soft or hard tongues.

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TENGA Ultra Size Air Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup

tenga-ultra-sizeTENGA Ultra-Size Air ($46)

The latest Vacuum Cup from TENGA is another leap forward in male sex toy tech.  Ultra-sized, re-usable, and featuring the most stimulating nubs and ridges ever found in a masturbator like this.

Every stroke of your cock in this toy will feel exquisitely different!

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Doc Johnson UR3 Belle Knox Realistic Vagina

belle-knox-vaginaBelle Knox Vagina ($26)

Belle Knox strikes another blow for feminism by selling a clone of her sweet little pussy for all of us lucky guys to fuck whenever our stiff dicks get the urge to plunge into the muff box of a 19 year old college girl. 100% authentic detailing of Belle’s love tunnel, including her sweet swollen pussy lips that look and feel so deliciously real!

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LoveHoney Lifelike Vagina

monicaLoveHoney Vagina ($25)

An incredibly realistic vagina from LoveHoney that comes with particularly delightful and authentic pussy lips that really do invite you in to a snug and stimulating love tunnel. This sweet pussy is soft, supple, and guarenteed to please!

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Life Size Body Banger

life-size-body-bangerBody Banger ($724)

For serious male sex toy enthusiasts who want to take their masturbation to a whole new level – this fully life-size and ultra-realistic female body is a real sexual substitute.  A perfect body to grip, feel, and bang, leaving you to use your imagination to fantasize over the dream girl you are fucking.

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Screaming O Open Face Masturbator

screaming-oScreaming O ($14)

The Screaming O is a unique new male masturbation enhancement toy that is both simple to use and delightfully easy to clean.

A novel open faced design with 7 ribs running along its comfortably soft texture, the Screaming O will get you off every time with minimum fuss.

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Hot Octopuss PULSE Vibrating Male Masturbator

hot-octopuss-pulseHot Octopuss Pulse ($104)

This amazing vibrator for men is a state of the art male sex toy that utilizes pulse vibration technology to deliver a completely unique and out of this world orgasmic experience.

Vibrations come in the form of pulses that can be set at different speeds and stimulate your entire penis…and beyond!

One of the best new male masturbators around.

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Dr Joel Kaplan Male Masturbator

power-strokerJoel Kaplan Power Stroker ($15)

An exciting new male masturbator from Dr Joel Kaplan that offers 3 rows of delicious ribs and nodules along its rubbery and supple inner sleeve.  Slide your cock into this masturbator and feel the pleasure!

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PDX Fuck Me Silly Masturbator

pdx-fuck-me-sillyPDX Fuck Me Masturbator ($469)

One of the most realistic male masturbators on the market, this toy from PDX is almost as good as the real thing, and perfect for fucking in the missionary position or doggy style!

A beautiful realistic pussy invites you to slide your cock inside, but don’t forget to give her sweet tight asshole a good pounding as well!

This ultra-realistic masturbator has recieved 5 out of 5 reviews from satisfied customers at SexToyFun.

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